My name is Ari Saario and I am a qualified Cognitive and Behavioral (CBT) therapist. I have helped hundreds of people to kill their unnecessary fear and finally get rid of consequent anxiety in social situations, public speaking nerves, and anxiety in any situation.

Some people come to me with panic attacks – or fear of them. Other people struggle with OCD, obsessive thoughts or urges, anxieties related to their health, depression and so on. Some just need a boost with their confidence. All these people achieve their goals. They don’t just get rid of the fear and anxiety. They plan with me the goal they desperately want to achieve, but from which anxiety has stopped them achieving so far, or has restricted what they can do…

This is unnecessary because with straightforward, evidence based techniques of CBT people do achieve their goals. Fast.

If you want to try and see what CBT can do for you to make you feel better and achieve your goals, please contact us using the contact box here. We will then send you a provisional questionnaire to complete. If it looks like we can help we can book a session for further assessment – and possibly a course of 4 weeks appointments. We only book an appointment if we believe that we are likely to be able to help.

For that reason we don’t guarantee that we will book an appointment for you – even if you want to book one. On the other hand, if we start treatment we will commit ourselves 100%. High commitment is expected also from you. Change is never easy, and when we change long term issues with fear or low self esteem the change is very difficult…but we can make it.

So, please only book an appointment if you believe you are ready to work and make changes.

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