Would you like to get rid of panic attacks and learn not to fear them?

With this evidence-based, scientific system you can do exactly that!

You are not going to learn to control your symptoms of anxiety – or even the symptoms of panic attacks. Instead, you are going to learn that symptoms of anxiety are not bad, unnecessary fear is. (Eventually anxiety symptoms reduce as well)

The common theme, the factor that every single anxiety problem shares, be it panic disorder, social phobia, OCD, feeling unreal; dissociation experiences, spider phobia or any other, is fear itself. While not all health care professionals are aware of this, every CBT therapist knows it. But even amongst CBT therapists it is not always quite as clear as it could be.

CBT therapists have a huge arsenal of tools and strategies in helping you to kill that fear, but I have added a completely new aspect – based on my practice and experiences, surveys and feedback from patients. In the automated course you use the core techniques of CBT. You make a step by step progress – 6 main stpes in 4 weeks time:

Step 1: Identify your symptoms clearly – and learn what they really mean; not what you think they mean.

Step 2: You will learn that anxiety is not the enemy and thus you build your confidence – however anxiety may still be there –even higher at this point – bear with…

Step 3: Challenge your fear! Anxiety starts reducing and your self-confidence builds more…now you are ready for the next step…

Step 4: This is the Behavioral bit of Cognitive and Behavioral therapy – At this point you start really making the change to how you feel: You will now use the core of the system: paradoxical system to kill fear of panic – by inviting panic!

Step 5: You will hammer the new learning in, by using a ‘graded exposure’ method. You apply and test what you know in different situations. You make sure that panic does not restrict you anymore.

Step 6: Roller coaster method! This studyweek makes sure you will never fear panic in any situation again. Even if you are temporarily more vulnerable. You even learn to use your anxiety to your benefit!

Plus: for a limited time – free access to member’s area, where you can contact me.

This system works – if you do your homework. So, please only book the course if you are willing to work hard on your fears – and the way you react – because CBT is all about change. We must change things for you, and it is not easy. It is very doable, but demands work from your part. If in doubt – maybe just order the free eBook first to get more idea of what this is all about, and then consider again.

The fee for the course is just $127 for full 4 weeks course.  With this I am prepared to answer your questions as you go. (Usually within 48h.  Max 1 email/week) This is a LIMITED TIME offer…I will answer the questions as much as I have the energy, but when I feel like I have no energy or time anymore, this opportunity will be gone.

So, you will get:

Paradoxical System to Kill Panic’- 4 weeks course. The full step-by-step program to eliminate your panic!

Explanation about anxiety and panic.

Information about the factors that make you vulnerable, what to do and what to avoid.

Plus a bonus for limited time: access to the member’s area where you can ask questions and get answers from an accredited CBT therapist as you go.

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